Comparative tests

They are an indispensable method of investigation to compare prototypes during the development of a new product, or to compare a new product with other competitors already on the market.
They are essential in Quality Control when you need or want to change an ingredient or a process.
Fundamental in marketing to check the quality placement towards competitors.
2 persone in labo 2 For best results you need to correctly set the comparative test, having clear goals and objectives to be achieved.
The complexity of the test depends on the type of comparison. The comparison of two prototypes to evaluate only sensory preference is a rather simple survey. As the number of products and parameters to evaluate increase, difficulty and cost increase consequently
sensory test The comparison between similar products allows evaluating the differences according to the established indicators.
You can compare foods of the same type in order to assess the overall quality or just the sensory quality.
But you can compare a single parameter, for example, the perception of savouriness or sweetness during the development of a new product.
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For the Research & Development, Quality Control and improvement of food products,
the use of comparative tests has a great importance

Main services offered

♦ Consulting to identify needs, goals and objectives of the comparative test.
♦ Implementation of the test by performing the necessary chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analisys to be conducted with the help of specialized Institute.
♦ Processing of results and conclusions drawn from the test.
♦ Evaluation of actions needed based on the results.

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