USA food labelling

January 1st, 2020  is the deadline to comply with new Nutrition facts for food sold on the US market.   Manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual food sales in US will have an additional year to comply, until January 1, 2021. The new rules to lay down Nutrition Facts concern both the graphic aspect, strictly established by law, and the nutrients to be declared.

The main changes concern the obligation to declare added sugars, an obligation that found strong resistance on the part of the food industries. In addition, the micronutrients to be declared have changed: vitamin D and potassium have been added, while vitamin A and C are no longer required.

Reference values for many nutrients are updated. The reference quantities for the calculation of the Serving Size have also been modified to adjust them to the new consumption habits.


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Main services offered: 

♦ Identification of the necessary nutritional analysis to be performed in a certified laboratory: Often it is not necessary to analyze all the nutrients because, due to the nature of the food, they are not present. Limiting the analysis to the indispensable ones contains the costs
♦ Preparation of the Nutrition Facts table according to the new rules with the mandatory graphic requirements, using the most suitable graphic format for your pack.
♦ Compilation of complete labelling in compliance with all US regulations for mandatory and voluntary declarations
♦ Assistance to the Graphic Agency for the preparation of texts and the graphic design of the package