food supplement, enriched and functional food, food for particularly dietary use

The market for food supplements, for enriched and functional foods and for particular dietary uses (ex-Dietetics), in Italy is in full development. In our country, these products arrived later than in other European countries. There is still room to introduce new preparations and exploit the potential of a growing market. soymilk +vit Current regulations establish the minimum and maximum values for vitamins and minerals. They also established lists of substances that cannot be used and the maximum for those permitted. The presented claims for “Bothanicals” are currently on stand-by. In this phase of absence of legislation, the Department of Health has published a list of permitted claims, valid only for Italy, for different medicinal plants.
mani con vasetto probiotici In EU there are Directives and Regulations regulating the matter. Each food category has one or more reference standards. These are supplemented by the Regulation on nutrition and health claims. For all food products other than conventional, notification of food label to the Italian Department of Health is mandatory and they may ask for modification. pill sandwich

It is a rather complex area, where it is not easy to find solutions and answers.
We offer a broad-spectrum consulting, from development of the formulations to the ministerial papers.

Main services offered:

♦ Study for innovative or classic formulations of food supplements
♦ Study of fortified foods and functional products for particular nutritional uses Identification of nutritional and health claims allowed. 
♦ Studying and setting the lay-out of labelling
♦ Handling the necessary papers for notification to Italian Department of Health.

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