Regulation for food product labelling became over time more and more complex. Adoption of new EU Directives and Regulations made difficult the constant changes necessary to remain in compliance.
In addition, it is no longer sufficient to report the minimum requirements prescribed by law: it is necessary to offer more in the context of a new approach “consumer-oriented”.
Consumatore davanti etichette New EU Regulation on Food Information to Consumers
December 13, 2014 was the deadline to comply with new food labelling regulations. The EU Regulation 1169/2011 lays down new rules for food labelling.
The main changes relate to the minimum font size to improve readability, and the obligation to provide the nutritional valuesGreater emphasis should be given to allergens and certain categories of ingredients will require mandatory indication of origin.
vasetti e botttiglia-low Labelling of a food product has different levels of communication. The legal minimum, with only the mandatory requirements, may still be suitable for basic foods. But in order to enhance the product there are many optional indications that can be added, health claims (link to page) for example. You can write information of practical use for the consumer, such as the preparation and presentation of the food and its durability under various conditions. etichetta nutrizionale con pomodoro

Our expert advice, creative and customised lets you turn your labels from simple support of mandatory information into a new vehicle to dialogue and communicate with the consumer, which is essential to enhance the product and differentiate it from competitors.

Main services offered:

♦ Study and evaluation of the food product for the overall approach to labelling according to EU and italian standards
♦ Realisation of nutrient declaration in accordance with Reg. 1169/2011 and aimed at enhancing the product
♦ Development of regulated voluntary information, such as Reference Value and Front of pack nutrient information
♦ Identification and development of accessory information useful to the consumer
♦ Collaboration with graphic design agencies and Company marketing for the preparation of promotional texts, and the lay-out of the pack.

For export:

♦ Translation of labels into the main European Union languages.
♦ Study and development of labelling for the U.S. and Canada, including translation
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