regulation on nutrition and health claims

Nutrition and health claims are a great opportunity for food industries to reposition their products and develop new ones.

Regulation applies to all food categories: conventional, enriched and functional, and to food supplements.

claims 4 low December 14, 2012 was the deadline to comply with Claim Regulation concerning health claims. EFSA has rejected more than 80% of claims submitted by Member Countries. The list of those authorised under Article. 13.1 were released with Regulation 432/2012. Other claims are published with other Regulations as EFSA has examined them. In case of a positive opinion, the European Commission issues a specific regulation.
cracker per claims Regulation 1924/2006  is extremely complex. For its proper application nutritional and legal skills are required. There are many problems that can be encountered in the interpretation. To apply it correctly a thorough understanding of the process that led to certain legislative choices is required. In addition, the legislation is in continuous evolution, therefore it’s necessary to update regularly on everything that is published on the subject.   claim cartoon resized

Claims Regulations is very complex, we offer a creative and expert advice,
customized on your needs for best results.

Main services offered:

♦ Evaluation of existing products to identify applicable claims.
♦ Adjustments to the recipe / formulation in order to be able to put a specific claims
♦ Development of necessary laboratory analyses, to be performed in specialised institute, and processing of results.
♦ Preparation of Nutrient Declaration and all mandatory and voluntary indications

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