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Product innovation is increasingly important for a Food Industry to emerge in this crowded market and to move in a new and winning direction.
There are many directions that a food company can follow to innovate its offer, from the simplest to the most complex.
food research Functional and enriched foods open up new spaces and allow Food Companies to expand their traditional range.
Healthy foods meet the needs of conscious consumers for a balanced diet.
A higher content of service and portioning most appropriate to the needs of small families or singles.
 analisi cibo-low In Product Innovation we can identify several areas:
♦ Extend product range
♦ Correct positioning of the product
♦ Revitalisation of products in the mature/decline stage
♦ Reformulation of existing products
♦ Restyling of packaging and labelling
♦ Development of products with higher added value
♦ Development of innovative products (for formula or functional and healthy characteristics)
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Each Company has its own potential and strength. With our 360° consultancy we will help you to identify areas of innovative intervention to suit your reality with a “tailor-made” service.

Main services offered

♦ Concept, research and development of innovative food products.
♦ Research and development of nutritionally balanced food, targeted to use of claims.
♦ Tuning up products with greater facility of home preparation

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